Grainline Goodness – Tiny Pocket Tank

Yes, the back view photo is blurred.

This is my test version of Grainline’s Tiny Pocket Tank. After my Sorbetto fallacy, I was dubious of the reviews, but all of Natty-Jane’s variations convinced me to try this pattern as it seemed to be the versatile workhorse pattern I had been looking for. I would have usually made this up in a woven, but I saw a couple in jersey (can’t remember which blog – sorry!), so I tried it out in this cotton lycra jersey in my stash. I figured it wouldn’t be too big a deal if it didn’t fit right. The only alterations I made were to add 3/4 inch to the hem and avoid the bias tape pattern pieces. I used my own method of neck binding knits that I learnt off the internet. I’ve always been happy with the results, so chose not to deviate. Having never bound armholes this way, I’m not sure that I’m meant to – it looks a little bit weird, but then I’ve got to factor in that this pattern isn’t designed for knits, and that I’m no dab hand at sewing with jersey. Any suggestions? I would like to improve. I don’t have an overlocker/serger, so could do with a sewing machine method for armholes if this one is wrong.It is impossible for me to wisely use the knowledge I have gained through sewing during sewing and there is a moment of seam ripping in almost every project. This one being that I opted for the tiny pocket addition. This jersey is pretty stretchy, and quite obviously, it didn’t lie flat. Halfway through sewing the pocket, I saw what was happening and stopped, so I’m kind of getting there. Common sense is starting to worm its way in. Unpicking it was not fun.I am really happy with the fit. In comparison to the first Sorbetto I made, it is amazing, just what I was after. It fits where it’s meant to. I’m already planning my next one. Tiny Pocket Tank is just the pattern I was looking for (once I move the bust darts down).


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