Butterick 8587 or my inability to use WordPress

This was originally my first post, and I deleted it. I am still trying to get my head around using wordpress, so it was a genuine mistake, but highlights my inability to adapt to new technology. I figured I should reintroduce this dress, as without it, my blog looks sad and lonely. I can sew, honest!

So, may I present to you Butterick 8587, from sometime in the early 60s:

Because I don’t have enough dresses I don’t wear often, I made this up in a beautiful Thai silk that had been festering in my box of fabrics for at least five years. I had bought it at a car boot sale and never knew what to do with it until this number popped up in an Etsy shop. It was made a couple of months ago, in preparation for summer, but I am yet to see any summer appear in London.


This pattern gently coerced me to try bound buttonholes. I couldn’t really understand the pattern instructions, so searched for other methods. I ended up going with the method of attaching two strips at the front and then folding through the hole, see Tasia of sewaholic explain it better here. The windowpane method appeals, mostly for the name, but it seems very longwinded, and I didn’t want so much extra fabric in this dress. There are twelve buttonholes after all. That’s right, twelve. At least I feel fairly competent with bound buttonholes now.

Lace hem tape too – something I had never used before, but am now charmed by. The pockets deserve a mention too, they are huge and stick out, in a good way. I had originally sewn them flat, thinking that having them sticking out was pointless, but it’s very much needed if they are to function as pockets. The only amendments I made were to lower the neckline by an inch, and to raise the hemline by six as it was on the verge of frumpy.


The dress is shown here with a belt I made for a Beignet, I don’t think I’ll wear it with this one. I really like this dress, it’s very soft and feels lovely to wear. I had found one review on Pattern Review, and I’d like to make another version of it, a more casual one. It felt good to use up some ageing stash fabric. I wonder what the original intent for it was?


  1. It’s a beautiful color, and I’m so impressed you did 12 bound buttonholes in a row! That’s the way to master something. :)

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