Recent Acquisitions and plans

I may have spent time on the internet looking at sewing patterns in the last few weeks. These are now in my possession:
This is from the ever-brilliant Miss Betty’s Attic on Etsy. High neckline! Triangular pockets! Three-quarter-length sleeves!
I plan to make this up in some bottle green tencel I recently got on eBay (part of my plan to experiment sewing with new fabrics).
Ah, Eva Dress, a foul temptress if ever I came across one. This is a dress pattern from 1935, and potentially inappropriate for a UK summer. Luckily I like cardigans. I also bought the dungarees/trousers pattern (Simplicity 3322) which has done the rounds in sewing blog land. My wardrobe is seriously lacking in slacks, let alone ones that don’t require tops the length of mini dresses to cover my midriff.
McCall’s 2401. I find this pattern illustration very unappealing, and I am dubious. However, it’s had loads of positive reviews on Pattern Review, and examples by Stitch and Witter and Tilly and the Buttons prove that I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Or something.
Realistically, none of these will be made anytime soon. Not only have I more urgent things to do, but I have more important things to sew. My jacket that I have had for eleven years has finally given up on me, and a restorative dye job wont cut it. I’m going to enter the world of speed tailoring, and belatedly use the sew-along from pattern~scissors~cloth. I’m using Burdastyle’s Eva jacket pattern. It seemed like a nice, sensible replacement pattern for a jacket. It’s going to be a boring, wardrobe-friendly, functional black.

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